True stories of success from people who

transformed their lives with the tools they

discovered working with Patricia

I am more excited and passionate about my work than I have ever been now that I have

discovered what’s been holding me back for years. AMAZING things are happening for

me!! I am having so much FUN and LOVING my life!

~ Brenda Jungwirth, OMP Ventures, Vivos Therapeutics 


Patricia is a wonderful coach! She is attentive and supportive and so uplifting. Upon

starting this program and working with Patricia, it has been my experience that life feels

more vibrant and there is more ease in my life. Definitely recommend!

~ Kristin Greenough, Lawyer

Patricia’s extensive experience working with women to identify their dreams and bust

their limiting beliefs is a gift to all who work with her. She has innate wisdom combined

with true understanding and heart. When you work with her you get her at 100%! She is

all in on supporting you to realize your dream. The best team player you could possibly

have in your corner.

~ Heather Alexander, Grato Coaching 

I am so grateful for the results in my life because of the changes I have made  since

working with Patricia . I have balance between my successful business and my personal life. I am growing my family.  My business is successful and I  am happy.

~ Dr. Hoda Hosseini, ClearCare Periodontal and Implant Centre

As a result of working with Patricia in the Dream Builder Program, I identified my

dreams, took the next step and I got my DREAM HOME!!!!

Patricia is an amazing coach!


~ Teresa Jungwirth, Registered Dietitian 


Patricia and I worked distantly. When I contacted her I was sooo confused. All I wanted

was to get clear on how to brand myself and my business. I had been trying for such a

long time and, quite frankly, I was tired of dealing with it. When I shared with her what I

was trying to do she wasted no time at all in cutting through my 'stuff', getting to the heart of the problem and setting me on a clear path. She emphasized how important it

is for me to have a clear vision, mission, and knowledge of my ideal client before I could

develop an effective brand. And here's the thing, I knew that--it's what I tell my clients all the time. Even so, I had struggled with this thing for so long that I was at a point where I couldn't hear myself think. I needed someone else to take me by the hand and walk me through it. Patricia was my someone. She is an amazing coach and a phenomenal

human being. She will meet you where you are and assist you in getting where you

want to go. I strongly recommend Patricia and her services.

~ Dr. Sue Carter Collins 


I feel that it was a; divine intervention; how Patricia Campbell came into my life. My

Naturopath Dr. Entner introduced me to her and from the moment I talked to her on the

phone, I knew that she was going to be able to help me. Patricia has rocked my world!

Thank you! Love you P.

~ Lori Hancock, Realtor 


I started this journey with a focus on creating a new vision for myself and my family. I

came into the Dream Builder program wanting a deeper connection with my spouse

and children and an opportunity to delve into what was next for me.

I am happy in my career and have been successful in my profession. What surprised

me the most was that when I turned my attention inward to my heart's desires, playing

with my family and take more days off than ever - my business success increased

substantially. Thanks P for the coaching and encouragement to get clear about my vision for my life- love, play and business success!”

~ Dr. S.

Since working with Patricia in the Dream Building program I have noticed huge changes

in myself.I have been able to open that door to dreaming again.

After losing my nephew earlier this year, I was lost and had no direction or no

motivation and couldn’t see tomorrow. I came into the dream building course just hoping to re-ignite some passion for life.I have achieved that — and so much more I highly recommend this course to others.

~ Elizabeth Flowers, Independent Mary Kay Consultant 

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