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~Transformational Life & Heart-Centred Coach

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality

My Story...

I feel blessed to live a life I absolutely love and I am still amazed by my rich and rewarding achievements. I am the Founder and CEO of a Coaching and Personal Development Company.  Above all, I am grateful every day for the Wholehearted connection I have with my husband, children and my grandchildren.

I am passionate about helping women claim their power to create the

lives they want, and to find their own purpose, so they can live life

WHOLEHEARTEDLY and achieve their greatest dreams.

I have invested over 30 years in studying transformational principles and the invisible side of success with world renown teachers such as  Mary Morrissey, Lisa Nichols, Gary Zukav, Dale Carnegie courses, Gabor Mate and more.       Why?       


      Because I wasn’t always the woman I am today.

I have spent most of my life looking for happiness outside of myself. I have

been hungry for love, acceptance, and to belong ever since I was a little


Growing up, I got lost in the turbulence of my parent's struggles.  Which is a way of saying - I grew up in domestic violence. When we

moved to a new town in Grade 6 and I started a new school, so my mom

could start over, I didn’t have the heart to tell her I didn’t fit in with the girls

there. The girls were so mean to me - they spread non-stop lies that made sure no one would be my friend.


My room became my fortress, books were my escape and eventually, I looked to a boy for the love I craved.

When I got pregnant at 16, I was thrilled. I vowed I was going to be the

best Mom in the world. We were going to be the PERFECT family!! My

greatest dream was to be a wife and a mom.

In the 20 dark years following, I found myself twice divorced, a single

mom of 2, living in a rented basement suite in East Vancouver and

stretching my paycheque to make ends meet.

My life was in shambles. I felt broken and my shame was deep. The

son I had fought to keep and raise was out on his own working hard to find his own feet and the teenage daughter I had prayed to conceive was

getting lost in my chaos.


One night, In August 1990, words I yelled at my daughter forever

changed my life. “What is wrong with you?” In that moment, I heard my

Mothers voice explode out of my mouth. NO! That shook me to my core.


I did not want to lose my daughter like my Mom lost me. I didn't want my

daughter to lose me like I lost my Mom.

That night I made a promise. I promised myself I would do whatever it

took to break and to heal this generational cycle. As I pieced it together, I

could see the patterns and what was in the gap between the life I was living and I life I dreamed of.


The Good news? I healed my childhood and mean-girl wounds in the powerful teachings of many programs I have taken and worked with.  My heart has cracked open and slowly, over time, I learned how to create lasting change from the inside out and break-through to ever-increasing levels of success. I have built a multi-million dollar enterprise doing what I love, am happily married, love the relationships I have with my family and I have more energy than I have ever had in my life!!

When I found Mary Morrissey’s Dream Builder program it was like I

discovered the final answers to the questions I had asked most of my life. I

finally saw how to re-pattern my belief systems using the invisible universal

and spiritual laws and I knew I had to get certified in this process. I started

sharing what I learned with anyone who would listen.

That’s how I was eventually called to become a life coach and fulfil my life


Know that what’s inside of you is FAR GREATER than any challenge

you’re facing. And as you go for your dream, remember what the

wise philosopher Goethe said, “Whatever you can do, dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” And so do you

Book a complimentary Pattern Assessment consultation  today!. If you want more success, more freedom and new results--- this is a game changer! This session will give you the insights so you know what step to take next in creating your dream life --- in Business, time & money, love and wellness. Once you know that,  you can create a life you absolutely LOVE!

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