Patricia Campbell

~Transformational Life & Heart-Centred Coach

About Patricia


Patricia Campbell is a transformational  life and heart centred coach, who loves supporting women to  create lives they absolutely LOVE LIVING!!!


For over 20 years Patricia has mentored Women entrepreneurs and professionals  helping them overcome the limiting patterns that hold them back and learn the success systems to  create extraordinary results  to live richer, more fulfilling lives. 


As a certified Life Mastery and Relationship Coach, she has helped women build their businesses, accelerate their results, and improve the four major areas of their lives: Business/Career, Relationships, Health, and Time/Money Freedom.

She has studied success principles, personal development and spirituality  with world renown teachers such as: Mary Morrissey, Lisa Nichols, Gary Zukav, Dale Carnegie courses, Gabor Mate and more.


She is passionate about helping women claim their power to create the

lives they want, and to find their own purpose, so they can live life

WHOLEHEARTEDLY and achieve their greatest dreams.


I have invested  years, studying transformational principles and the invisible side of success with world renown teachers.       


Why?.....Because I wasn’t always the woman I am today. In spite of a high measure of success and even though I've always had positions of leadership and achieved financial freedom, I worked way too hard.


Despite the fact that I put in so much time and effort, I didn't quite  know how to make my life work. At least not the life I longed for. I couldn't create the  relationship my heart craved nor could I establish my own consistent business. Life was a struggle and I felt stuck. I had a chronic pattern of either/or.  When my business was successful, my relationships weren't and when my relationships were thriving, my work suffered.


When I reached menopause, I was exhausted and disillusioned. I went to a specialist and while I was  waiting  for the Doctor,  his receptionist made me this fabulous cup of tea. Which was awesome, except that - I promptly dropped the cup. Glass and hot tea flew everywhere and I had a meltdown. She got me into that Doctors office fast! "Burnout", he said. 


I made a decision for my life to make changes. I eventually found a structure of support with proven systems to design and live a life I absolutely LOVE!  I founded Crystallize Coaching to help other women connect with the most infinite side of themselves so they can life a live they love.


Know that what’s inside of you is FAR GREATER than any challenge

you’re facing. And as you go for your dream, remember what the

wise philosopher Goethe said, “Whatever you can do, dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” And so do you

Do you create results you love or do you long for more, new, expanded results ? Would you love to know how to tap into your success pattern? Book a complimentary Pattern Assessment consultation  today!. If you want more success, more freedom and new results--- this is a game changer! This session will give you the insights so you know what step to take next in creating your dream life --- in Business, time & money, love and wellness. Once you know that,  you can create a life you absolutely LOVE!

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