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8 Keys to Creating a Life You Absolutely Love

This book is for every woman who has a burning desire
to live a life she absolutely LOVES! For every single one of us that has ever had a dream and, despite a million letdowns, still deeply yearns for what we sense in our hearts is possible.

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Never Ever Give Up!  shows you how to break free from the blocks and invisible barriers that hold you back from creating the life and business of your dreams. This book offers a proven blueprint to produce results that skyrocket you into greatness, revealing how to unleash your power and turn your wildest possibilities into your ultimate reality, whether you’re longing for something more or feeling stuck and unclear on how to reach the next level of success and happiness. Drawing from a blend of timeless, universal laws and success  principles, Patricia offers 8 comprehensive keys to ignite your power, outlining practical, actionable steps you can take to manifest a rich, fulfilling life.

Never Ever Give Up!

will empower you to THRIVE

“Patricia did an extraordinary job creating a book for every woman ready to claim her power and step further into her greatness! These pages guide you to what is possible and achievable and what will catalyze you to create a life you absolutely love!” 

—Lisa Nichols
CEO, Founder, Motivating the Masses 

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